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Silk Rugs

Writing about a silk rug is like watching a cooking show.
You can never truly experience its smell, color, touch, and extreme beauty.
Therefore, as soon as you read about silk rugs you should hurry and see them with your own eyes, feel them with your hands and embrace them.

The quality of the products marketed by Josephson rugs is guaranteed in all parameters. The rugs that are sold are original rugs that are tested and handled by a professional team.

Perfect Quality

We know the importance of satisfying the most accurate measurements. With our help you can adjust the size that best suits your home.

Accurate Size

Josephson Carpet Storage Solutions provide any form of rug storage you need. It is important to store upscale rugs properly in order to preserve them for years.

Comfortable host

The carpets provided by us are convenient for maintenance and come with all the explanations, tools and knowledge required to maintain the carpet in the best possible way.

Easy Maintainance

The design and fitting of the rugs to the various rooms of Josephson rugs are accompanied by years of experience that ensures the best results for you.

Professional Design

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